I’m Original Oatmeal (OO) because you’re what you eat. I’m also JoeyArnoldVN (JA or JAVN). I’m a fan of freedoms and oatmeal. I like to help people make their own decisions in their own ways. I’m here promoting life skills, soft skills, people skills, the ability to work, to be independent, to have fun, to help others, and to truly live.


I’m JoeyArnoldVN, an American English Teacher in Saigon, Vietnam. Born in the year 1985, in the second month of February of the eleventh day, on a Monday morning in the Tualatin Valley Hospital on Maple in Forest Grove City, Washington County, in the state of Oregon in the northwest region and corner of the United States of northern America (USA). I’m an American. I was born in the United States.