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10:03 AM – Samsung: Model Code: UN32EH5300 – 32″ Full HD Flat TV EH5300 Series 5 | UN32EH5300F | Overview

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2019-09-05 – Thursday

Published – 2019-09-05 – Thursday – 11:59 PM LMS – PDT

By Oatmeal Joey Arnold

@OatmealJoey | @OatmealEnglish | @OatmealHealth | @JoeyArnoldVN
Published in September of 2019

Liberty Hangout

09:47 AM – Walmart Sells Out – Comparing Guns With Other Things that actually kill people more often annually in America than guns do, and they include knives, candy, cars, hammers, tools, rope, texting and driving, etc.


10:17 AM – IWA

I’ve connected my laptop to this Samsung: Model Code: UN32EH5300 – 32″ Full HD Flat TV EH5300 Series 5 and I was looking it up on DuckDuckGo to see if I could find any diagrams or blueprints for what might be inside of my TV. I could open it up myself to do my own diagnosis. So far, I have only found standard info about my TV. That’s the hard part for the average user. It can take a long time for a newbie to find out about stuff that some of us know. Like I kind of know stuff. You may know a lot more. But to the average human, it can be kind of tough trying to explain these things to them. For them, they would really have to do some digging to even begin to understand some of this. It take many hours, possibly many years…..

Main Stream Twitter

10:35 AM – Steemit

One of the problems is simply that Steem is so much smaller than Twitter, etc. And keep in mind that Facebook, etc, were forced upon humans in a wide variety of ways. They had a lot of help making it go main stream.


What is Usenet? Is this Usenet? I’m reading about it on Wikipedia. It appears to be peer to peer to some extent. It appears to be focused on the news. According to Wikipedia, it says: Usenet (/ˈjuːznɛt/) is a worldwide distributed discussion system available on computers. So, I can see an analogy inside. I think I understand your comparison between Steem and Usenet. Yeah, you might be right concerning the User Interface (UI) within Steemit, that it can be annoying, difficult, etc, to read comments like you said. Busy.org might be a little better in some ways.

Mea Omnia

I was a web designer for a website called Mea Omnia (MeaOmnia.com) around 2011-2013. Mea Omnia means My Everything in Latin. So, we were trying to make Mea Omnia into something like Facebook, Steemit, YouTube, Reddit, Twitter, etc, combined. I say that to say that I know some of it might be tough to do, and yet I am guessing that Steemit could probably do better in regards to finding ways to give users more customization options which MySpace had. That is what we were focused on with Mea Omnia, trying to find ways to give users options. We ended up abandoning that Mea Omnia project. So, I’m no computer expert and yet even I get some of it. I don’t really know a lot of code, but I know how to Google it and put things together sometimes.

Facebook Groups

If Steem does not already have groups or communities, then perhaps that would help. I thought I heard some people talking about how that new feature would be launching with HF21. I will be looking around to see whatever happened to that.

Two-Way Internet

11:14 AM – IWA

Devices can send the data out. It is not captured from the outside-in. Rather, it is sent out.

Data can be sent out a few different ways. One way includes pulse or something like Morse Code.

Data can travel along with the power and/or etc, etc.

Two different things:

  1. Sending data/power out is one thing.
  2. But remote access (backdoors) to where they could control your devices from the outside-in is another thing. So, they may not always be able to have remote access, but that does not mean that devices cannot at least send out read-only data.

Block-It Pocket Fraud

11:23 AM – IWA

Five Things as follows:

  1. Tracking is one thing.
  2. Radiation is another thing.
  3. Telnet is a third thing.
  4. Internet is a fourth thing.
  5. Stopping one thing might not be an automatic promise and guarantee at stopping and in stopping the other things. Here are at least four different variables. Do you want me to Google this and show you how these things work? These are different things. It depends on a few different factors.


11:29 AM – IWA

One of the reasons why Hillary Clinton might not be in jail is because of that famous bill of 1871 that created a USA INC, assuming that conspiracy theory is accurate enough based on what was happening specifically in 1871 for example.

Reading Thoughts

11:44 AM – Not Reading Rainbow | Mark is building a machine that can read your thoughts. Yeah! So liberal!

How-to Share Links, Articles, Without Getting Blocked

12:08 PM – IWA

Before I tell you how to share blocked links/articles/websites/etc, let me first tell you that you should have at least one blog and/or social media profile and/or etc, etc, etc. So, let me first tell you about starting a blog and/or etc, etc, as follows:

How-to Start a Blog

  1. Keep a diary on paper, if you want.
  2. And/or keep a journal on your computer via a word document or, better yet, a word pad or better yet a notepad or any kind of plain text editor.
  3. Start at least one blog. It could be a thread on Infocomms or a post on Steemit. It could be on Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Tumblr, Linkedin, Gab, Minds, etc.
  4. Copy and paste your diary from the word document to your online blogs.
  5. Bookmark your blogs in one bookmark folder on your web browser. I’m using Firefox. I have so many bookmarks. Once a month, you can create a new blog on another website. You don’t have to do it all at once. Start with just one. Blog at least once a year or better yet, once a month. I’m blogging daily. Each day. But one step at a time. Start out slowly. Create smaller habits. It is easy. You write. Then copy and paste what you write to many different places on the Internet, and via emails. Create RSS feeds, etc.
  6. You could write blog posts, articles, etc, or just simple Twitter-Style Comment Posts.

Sharing Blocked Links

  1. If you want to share an Infowars article for example (or anything that Facebook, etc, might block, etc), then simply write about it in your blog/etc.
  2. Then include a link in your post/update/article/tweet/etc.
  3. Then publish your post/etc on your blogs/etc.
  4. Then simply share a link to your post/etc onto Facebook/Twitter/YouTube/etc.

Why Do That?

  1. Because then people can see your post.
  2. They might click on it because it’s maybe different and/or etc, etc.
  3. Then, they might see links to other articles by Natural News, Infowars, Drudge, Banned Video, etc, etc.
  4. They might then click on those links and then go there.
  5. You could even include links to Infowars Store and they might go there and buy products. This is what I try to do everyday.

Green Beans vs Black Beans

12:47 PM – We eat immature green beans and not immature black beans, but why? Perhaps, the black beans are not ripe until they are seeds, AKA mature, like green raspberries are not ripe until they are red. Black beans tend to be harder and eaten like they are seeds. Green beans seem to be eaten before they turn into seed and yet can also be cooked after they matured like black beans, perhaps.

Info Porn

12:49 PM – Wait, is this Info Porn? Is this real life?

Post-Human Era

1852 – British Crown adopted this policy back in 1852 to begin Agenda 21 or Agenda 2030, to go after transhumanism, to go after depopulation programs to keep the world population at 500 million people total or less. This means that a lot of people have to die according to their goals.

Why would you not eat from a garden?

MySpace Over Facebook

01:11 PM – Steemit

I prefer MySpace over Facebook because I was able to customize it using code. I didn’t know about Gnus either. What a coincidence that Life Log ended as soon as Facebook launched. Interesting to see what DARPA (and now HARPA) is/are doing.


So, three years and still no Steem communities, like Facebook Groups, or like Reddits or subReddits? That’s too bad. It seems that Minds and Gabs have groups. YouTube used to have video replies and a new platform like Bitchute or Dtube should attempt to bring back Video Replies.

Trash Entertainment

01:19 PM – Steemit

Red Letter Media reviewed that new RoboCop which is ironically not rated R like the original films from the 1980’s. Oh, I miss the 80’s. Was born in 85 and I also miss real Star Wars as well. So much of Hollywood has been bought up by China, etc, which explains the acceleration in the trash entertainment, etc.

Forest Kids

01:30 PM – IWA | Shelton

If I ever had children, I am seriously tempted to raise them out in the woods, on a mountain, thousands of miles from civilization with no phones, computers, electricity, etc, for the first twenty years of their lives. Perhaps, five kids, a few years apart. Perhaps invite a few other families to join my little family, so we can be like a Little Amish Oatmeal Tribe. And then, we could maybe live stream our first trip back to civilization in twenty or thirty years. Then I could document the expression on the faces of my kids as they see the world for the first time ever. Then we could post those videos all over the Internet and Brain-Nets as well.

Focus On The Second Problem

02:04 PM – IWA

There are many problems out there, but let’s focus on two of them for the moment.

Two Big Problems

  1. One problem is the ability for data to be read. There are different ways they try to survey and spy on us via electronics, etc. Some devices may send the data out. In other cases, they use things like sonar, etc, etc. So, the violation of the 4th amendment is one problem that may be at the root of other potential problems, etc, that may stem from the art of spying, etc.
  2. But the bigger problem could be, to some extent, the ability to remote control (BACK DOOR) your devices, computers, phones, televisions, smart grids, ovens, lights, cameras, mics, door locks, fire alarms, robots, cars, fridges, washers, dryers, appliances, microwaves, machines, drones, toy airplanes, smart guns, brain phones, watches, hair dryers, showers, toilets, plumbing, the power grid, dams, hospitals, stores, banks, safes, money vaults, locks, gates, doors, automobiles, airports, airplanes, trains, buses, water fountains, jets, machine guns, trucks, vans, jeeps, bombs, the secret service, printers, cable boxes, camcorders, cams, factories, machine arms, military devices, tanks, etc, etc, etc.

Why Focus On The Second Problem?

We should probably focus more on this second problem first and then maybe deal with the first problem later on down the road because the second problem is much bigger of a problem. Yes, both problems are related and may stem or root from other problems, etc, etc, because the second problem is generally a more direct threat when compared to the first problem. To some extent, the first problem has always been around since the dawn of time in one form or another.

Topless Colorado Women

03:50 PM – IWA

The bigger long-term problem involves morality.

Two problems

  1. Morality
  2. Tyranny

The more immediate problem, however, is that of tyranny, that bigger government could sometimes, allegedly, keep us safe from topless women at the cost of our freedoms, etc. Similar to the gun debate for example. Also, the tech cartel censorship problems, etc.

Independent Living

04:11 PM – Facebook

I would want to have solar power, perhaps. Bring some books. Learn how to build things. Make some computers. Develop some kind of independent plumbing system. Maybe bury some hard drives, books, guns, deep in the ground, every once in a while, as a backup system, an archive system, a time-capsule project kind of thing. Grow gardens. Hunt deer. Maybe make some videos and send it off to the Internet once a year or something. Maybe only one hour of Internet around lunch time each day or each month.

Sleeping in the Park

04:20 PM – Facebook

This post addresses several issues all at the same time. One of the issues is that of private property rights. If this was your land, then you could tell that person to leave, assuming you owned the area.


Now, if this park is public, then could we make a rule stating “No Sleeping Allowed,” that is assuming there isn’t already a rule like that in Shelton, and assuming that we would want to make a rule like that, and assuming that enough of us could go to Town Hall or wherever in order to make a rule like that for a public place like a park, assuming it is not like private property, right?


Like I said, there are several different issues addressed in this post, as seen in that photo of that guy sleeping in the park. Other issues may include that of morality, ethics, etc. Of course, it may not be polite or nice to sleep at the park, some might argue. Ultimately, it should come down to whatever the rules might be. And the rules should be dictated by the property owners to some extent or completely, right?


When I was teaching English in Vietnam, I pretended to sleep at a park in Saigon around 2015 for a few seconds and a park security officer was telling me to get up. I said, “TAI SAO?” Meaning, “Why?” But he wouldn’t say. Well, some Vietnamese were there and could have translated whatever he could have said. But I guess he was just following orders.


Which reminds me, if we did have a no sleeping or a no climbing trees rule at the park, how often would such a rule be enforced?


04:43 PM – I’m eating rice too. I love to smile too. I love biology. Very interesting. Love your fashion. Welcome.

Banning Bots

04:51 PM – Steemit

Bots are programs. And programs are programmed by people. As I type to you right now, I am using bots, AKA programs, to type to you, through the web browser program and the operating system program. So, it comes down to drawing the line. Where do you draw the line and how do you enforce that line? I have a code I know for autoclicking. So, I know how to make my mouse auto-click again and again. That could be a bot. Of course, a lot of people can be against the automated bots. I understand that preference. But how do you stop a bot? I could turn this account right here that I am writing from into a bot account simply by adding a program that could do things. So, what would you try to do with my account as soon as I did that? Would you want to only downvote me as soon as you see the same comment coming from my account again and again or would you try to ban my account or what? How do you stop the bots without stopping the people who program the bots? It’s like trying to ban guns, drugs, wars, etc.

Minds vs Steem

04:58 PM – Steemit

Currently, it does seem that Gab and Minds and Bitchute are doing better than Steem and all the Steem apps. That’s the competition and may the better networks win. It seems that Minds is bigger than Steem. So, the Steem people should be enraged and motivated to do better than Minds. If they don’t don’t hurry up, then they will continue to decline. I don’t doubt that.

YouTube Murder

05:00 PM – IWA

The good news is that we can continue to present these types of ironies to people.

Freeway Ricky Ross

05:09 PM – IWA

Freeway Ricky Ross

His website

Former Drug Kingpin, Author, Jegna, Speaker and Entrepreneur

Freeway Rick Ross is one of the most iconic drug kingpins in American history. According to the Oakland Tribune, Rick Ross made more than $600 million dollars in the 1980’s.

Rick Ross was sentenced to life in prison in 1996 after trying to purchase more than 100 kilograms of cocaine from a federal agent. After his case was brought to a federal court of appeals, Freeway sentence was reduced to 20 years; shortly thereafter his sentence was further reduced further for being a model inmate. He was released from prison on September 29, 2009.

Rick Ross is highly sought after to speak and mentor millions of people across America. He’s also written and released his autobiography called “Freeway Rick Ross – The Untold Autobiography”.

Just recently, Rick Ross released his Emmy Nominated documentary titled “Freeway: Crack in the System” on iTunes and Amazon. Watch the Trailer HERE .

Rick Ross wants to leave behind his legacy as an inspiration mentor to people in need. He plans to make life better for himself, his family and the people around him.

Read My Story >>

Katy Perry Kim

05:51 PM – Steemit

Katy Perry Kim, wow, welcome. Love your outfits. Looks like cosplay. Oh, Hello Kitty Kim. Love Hello Kitty. My favorite out of these three might be the Christmas tree because I love Christmas.


05:59 PM – Is it true that the bar is British and not American? If so, that is possibly treason or at least dangerous.

Banana Fish Contest

06:16 PM – Steemit

Dry is the ground;
Yet, determination moves in the baby plant;
Magic in the making.


06:23 PM – Steemit

My favorite from your list might be @familyprotection and my second fav might be @canadian-coconut. Inspiration is fundamental. Third, @eco-alex.

Mr Blu

06:27 PM – Agreed. Don’t rush love.

Children First

06:33 PM – Exactly. Wow, Janet Jackson. Yeah, I’m not happy about how many people are in prison. But even worse is the fake news out there.


09:51 PM – Facebook

True. Well, I was homeschooled until high school. So, I agree and I disagree at the same time as it depends on a few things. But basically, you’re right.

Judge vs Profile

10:10 PM – Facebook

Lisa Ford Caldwell, you could be right. There are differences between stereotyping inaccurately and profiling. It’s a skill. They used to talk about that skill on that show called Criminal Minds. You could also be wrong. But it is good to have these kinds of skills. Yes, it is a skill that can be abused. It takes wisdom to be able to judge, to profile. Some people can judge inaccurately. Generalities can be inaccurate and yet generalities can also be generally true, most of the time. So, your observations is a generality that can be true. In many cases, they are true. In this particular case, it may not be hundred percently accurate. But at the same time, as they say, better safe than sorry.


10:21 PM – Facebook

This post is addressing several different issues. I already wrote about private property issues. However, another big issue might be that this situation is a symptom of something that might be happening in other places in the USA as well. I actually write about things like this all the time. There are a lot of people who are making videos about these things. People are writing articles about these things happening in Europe especially for example. There are books out there about some different things that are happening. Well, I might get banned off Facebook again if I even dared to really tell you about what has been happening especially in the 2010’s in America and especially all over the EU. Again, it is a long story. A very long story and we are barely addressing the tip of the iceberg, etc, etc.

Public Trial

10:30 PM – Facebook

I was involved in a homeless ministry in Hawaii. So, I remember handing out food to the homeless. I remember seeing them sleeping. We would stop and talk to them. We helped some of them off the streets. By the way, if you ever see me sleeping at a public park, feel free to film me. Take photos of me. I don’t care. Because it is the public. If it was private property, then the owner should have the right to say no cameras, no pictures. But if it is public property, then it should be fair game. Now, this post, like I said before, is addressing many different things at the same time. If this is public property, then shouldn’t the public decide what should or should not be on the public property? Could this Facebook Post not be like a public trial?

Symptoms vs Roots

10:41 PM – Facebook

Lenora Lingle, many different issues based on historical and global patterns, loops, cycles, etc. So many different issues and symptoms, in actuality and potentially, hypothetically. It is mostly a symptom of bigger issues at play. Some people may not be aware of those bigger issues, problems, concerns. It is valuable to seek after addressing the root and core of these issues and not just the symptoms alone.

Mark Dice

11:04 AM – I Think These People Are Serious! | Review of the Global Warming | 2020 Presidential Democratic Candidates | | While Ignoring Man-Made Climate Change brought to you by Geoengineering | Chem-Trails | Big Pharma | 5G Cancer | Transhumanism | Brain Phones | Brain Chips | GMO


Brook Shields

The Oatmeal English School – English You Can Eat


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